Get Involved

If you think you might be interested in helping with the survey please email Pru at

As this is a Devon Archaeological Society (DAS) project, ideally you should be a Society member if you want to become one of our graffiti recorders.  If you are not a member and don’t want to join until you are sure that taking part suits you, that’s fine, as you can try it out and join later. Although, if you have a look at the DAS website you might decide that you would like to join the Society anyway and get even more involved in Devon’s archaeology! We hope that you do.

The surveying involves the most basic level of archaeological recording, consisting of taking clear photos and filling in simple record sheets. No prior knowledge or special skills are needed as training will be given, although a certain amount of patience and attention to detail are definite assets.

For taking the photos most simple ‘point and shoot’ cameras and even phones, with reasonable cameras, should give good enough results. You don’t need a sophisticated digital SLR camera, although of course they are fine if that is what you use. We will show you how to use a ‘raking light’ to make the graffiti show up well, use a scale, and advise on how to get the best results from your photos.

Some people work on their own and others form pairs or small groups, where the tasks of lamp holding, form-filling and photographing can be shared. Everyone takes part in the most exciting part of course – finding the graffiti to start with!

 You can choose which churches you would like to record. Many people like to do those near to where they live, but you can go wherever you like within Devon. There is no time pressure for finishing a church, so it can be done as and when you or your working partner/group have time.

We are keen that anyone who is interested in the project should be able to take part in some way, so don’t be put off if you are worried about the photography side of things. Just get in touch. And if you just want to come along to a church with us to see what we do to start with then that’s fine – you will be very welcome. 


We look forward to hearing from you!