There has been a church in East Budleigh since Saxon times. The present building originated in the 13th century, was rebuilt in the early 15th century and restored in 1884. It is built of sandstone, with original Beer stone, and Victorian Bath stone, detail. The font is 15th century and there is a remarkable set of early 16th century carved bench ends, all with secular imagery.

The piers in the church have been scoured clean, probably during the Victorian restoration, but graffiti survives on one close to the south door. Marks include some letters, tiny circles, and a number of deliberately made conical holes. Such holes are fairly common in churches and could possibly result from the removal of stone for its perceived curative or protective qualities – a practice that continues today in some places. There is also graffiti on the doorway to the tower, including a ladder type motif, and letters and other marks on the porch benches. Outside the church there are intriguing multiple marks on the SW corner – possibly including initials and dates, but difficult to decipher.

East Budleigh, All Saints