There has probably been a church on this site since the 10th century. The chancel is the oldest part of the present church and appears to date from the 13th century. In the 15th century the nave was rebuilt and the north aisle and chapel, and the tower, were added. The church was heavily restored in 1881-3 and the south porch was rebuilt, including the removal of its upper storey.

On the right side of the porch are the well carved letters I A, with I R X below. It is possible that this represents a Christogram.

On the left of the porch is a fairly modern inscription, possibly dating from the 1880’s restoration. It is apparently a quotation from the Bible –  ‘The stone that the builders refused has become the head . . ‘.

Inside the church, most of the early graffiti is on the screens. This includes possible initials, although there are several interesting examples of letters with probable apotropaic (protective) significance, especially the W’s and M’s – Marian marks. The repeated I A on the parclose screen may also have some special meaning. There is much 19th/20th century graffiti (mainly names & initials) on the benches.

Abbotskerswell, Blessed Virgin Mary